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Cleaning with environmentally friendly products

I have been thinking about using green products to keep our house clean, rather than conventional cleaners which can be toxic.

I found this great video on explaining the importance of using green cleaning. A lot of conventional cleaning products can lead to indoor air polution and other health problems, “Umbra” says.

She also shows you how to make a lot of green cleaning products at home, with baking soda and water.

green-cleaningIn my home, we’ve been using Green Works. Carrie, a reader, told me last week that she’s found this brand works the best as well. It seems to me they have a large selection. 

The products are made with all natural ingredients, and it’s all biodegradable.  

Frankly Green put up a list of a lot of other environmentally-friendly brands that also:

Ecover – Dishwashing, Laundry, Household, Personal Care

Seventh Generation – Dishwashing, Laundry, Household, Personal Care, Baby, Paper

Shaklee – Dishwashing, Laundry, Household

Mountain Green – Laundry and Household

Method – Dishwashing, Laundry, Household

Nellie’s Laundry Products – Laundry

Mrs. Meyers – Household, Laundry, Pet

Ecos – Household, Laundry, Personal Care, Pet

Dr. Bronner’s – Soaps and Body Care

biokleen – Dishwashing, Laundry, Household

I’ve used Mrs. Meyer’s in the past, and they worked really well, and they come in cute bottles with great scents.

And if you want more ways to make your own green products at home, here’s another really cute tutorial.


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